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Miracle Mondays: Books on Infertility

You could certainly look on Amazon for a listing of books on infertility but I found another list that is more comprehensive. It includes books on infertility, adoption, egg donation, surrogacy in both non-fiction and fiction. There are faith-based books as well as general audience books. Some are personal stories whereas others are self-help and educational. Take a look: Infertility ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Online Support

Since infertility can be a personal issue and friends and family may not understand, do you find online forums and blogs to be a helpful place to find support? -Cindy Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: Sometimes it’s Just Hard

I know when I was waiting to adopt people would assure me that it would happen soon. Well, they didn’t know that. And what is “soon” to someone who has been waiting for years? They meant well and they just want to be encouraging but maybe sometimes what I wanted to hear was, “Wow, all this waiting must be very ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays: Eucharisteo

I just started reading Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts, and I was drawn in by the use of the word Eucharisteo. I’m not that familiar with the biblical term but as she describes it, it is finding blessings and being thankful. She goes on to write about how to find joy right now, where you are, in what ever situation ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays: Battling the “What if’s…”

It’s three a.m., you got up to use the bathroom and now you can’t fall back asleep.  This is when our mind and heart like to play the “What if…” game.  “What if I never get pregnant?” “What if we can’t afford Assisted Reproduction?” “What if the birth-mom changes her mind?” “What if my husband never agrees to adoption?” “What if ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: New IVF Technique

This is excellent news for those who may need to do IVF. Although the research is new and may take awhile to become manistream this is a wonderful breakthrough! New IVF technique giving women better outcomes -Cindy Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Revisiting Past Decisions

Have you gone through a time that you have questioned past decisions?  Maybe you would have gotten pregnant without Clomid?  Maybe you should have tried IVF?  Maybe you should have looked into alternative medicine?  Maybe you should have looked at adoption earlier?  Maybe you should have used an egg donor? There are all kinds of “Maybes”.  The fact is you made ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: Is This a Test?

My New Years reading is the Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren.  I read it when it first came out but it is good to reread.  One of the points that was made was that “Life is a test”.  He explains how everything from our attitude in traffic to what we choose to spend our money on is a test, a test ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: Asthma Connection in Children Born After Infertility Treatments

In a recently released study from the UK: Asthma is more common among children born after infertility treatment than among children who have been planned and conceived naturally, according to findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study published online today (Thursday) in Europe’s leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction [1]. Since we have twins from IVF I was a little ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: A Genetic Link?

I found this article today titled “New Gene Identified that Helps Explain Infertility”.  Read through it and see if it is helpful to you.  Obvious not all causes of infertility would be genetically related but here is an excerpt: The researchers analyzed hundreds of infertile fruit flies (Drosophila oocytes) for the purpose of their study. Results showed that chromosomes do ... Read More »