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No Turkeys Allowed

The fun part about having kids that don’t quite read is you can make stuff up.  Today we saw a sign at the community pool that said, “The Fitness Center will not be open on Thanksgiving” and it had a picture of a turkey on it.  So of course I told the two girls that it said, “There are NO turkeys allowed ... Read More »

Easy “Craft” with Tape and Scissors

You won’t find this one in Family Fun Magazine but this was our morning “craft”. Supplies: Scissors Tape 1.  Ask your mom for some tape. 2.  Ignore your mom when she says, “No more tape projects.” 3.  Ask for tape again. 4.  Ignore her when she says, “NO MORE PROJECTS WITH TAPE!” (see Everything’s Been Mummified) 5.  Look really sweet ... Read More »

Too Late to Print Bumper Stickers but…

Yesterday at preschool the girls learned about voting and got to practice voting, Strawberries vs. Bananas (one voted strawberries, one bananas…of course).  Not sure who the winner was.  So they knew something about voting and the president and such.  Today when I told the girls I was going to vote I asked them, “Who do you think I should vote ... Read More »

Getting Ready for Halloween

Wednesday the kids all have a Halloween, Fall, Harvest, Black and Orange Party.  Not sure there is anything we can call it that won’t offend anyone, not even sure we can call it a party (there won’t be any food) but there is some resemblance of a holiday I celebrated as a child called Halloween.  Based on the sarcasm you can tell I’m ... Read More »

Everything’s Been Mummified

All of our Littlest Pet Shop figures have been mummified.  15 of them completely wrapped in Scotch Tape.  So are about 10 of our Hot Wheels Cars.  Scotch Tape is 97 cents a roll and the girls got 2 hours of fun out of that activity (plus the time it will take to unmummify them) I think that’s a pretty big bang ... Read More »

Quirrel Song

As most 4-year-olds, the girls mispronounce some words.  They often leave off the initial “s” sound on words.  Here’s how their new Squirrel Song is supposed to go: “Gray squirrel ,gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail.” This is how they sing it: “Gray quirrel, gray quirrel, quish your bushy tail.” (It’s very cute.) -Cindy Read More »

My $5 Worth

Just gave my oldest $5 to go to the youth group event tonight where they are playing games and getting Baker’s Square pie.  Wait a second.  I want Baker’s Square pie!  For a few dollars more I could get a WHOLE pie and share it with my husband while my oldest babysits.  That sounds like a better gig!  No wait ... Read More »

Artwork: To Save or Not To Save?

You all know the volumes of artwork your kids make or bring home from school.  Some go on the fridge, some in a special box in their rooms, others you probably have mysteriously disappear after a few weeks (or days).  Callie was working diligently at the table for quite a while, I was making dinner.  When I went over to see ... Read More »

“Mom, we need a new van!”

Cassie and Callie were riding their trikes in the driveway and playing in the leaves (or so I thought).  Cassie came running in, “Mom, we need a new van!”   Not a good sign.  Here’s what I found:   How is that possible?  She was hanging on it (not even sure what to call it) and pulled it off.  How does one ... Read More »

It’s Like Easter Every Day

I’m trying to teach the kids how to do dishes.  Actually just teaching them how to put dishes in the dishwasher and take them out and put them away. Also teaching them all the techniques they can use to determine if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty (detective badges will be handed out at the end.)  Anyway when I ... Read More »