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The Negotiations

The kids all got Christmas money from their Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.  I’m not sure who spearheaded it but someone suggested they pool their money and get a new XBox 360.  Some of the kids (the boys) were on board while others (Lexi) were not.  So for the last three days the negotiations have been going on.  Joey has been ... Read More »

48 hour Christmas Bonanza

Well we survived the 48 hour Christmas bonanza.  Started Christmas Eve with a whirlwind cleaning of the house, some skating on the pond, Christmas Eve service at church, the in-laws came around 5:00, had dinner, opened gifts, ate pie, made sure everything was ready for Santa.  Christmas morning we opened gifts, played with gifts, messied up the house, cleaned up the house, my ... Read More »

Positive Reinforcement

  I had to bring one of the older kids in to the doctor this morning and I didn’t have a sitter so Cassie and Callie tagged along.  While we were waiting I gave each of them a stack of flashcards with animal pictures on them.  It was new so it kept them occupied.  After they had looked throught he ... Read More »

Snack Girl!

This morning Callie woke up and excitedly announced she was “Snack Girl!”  This is the preschool job that involves bringing in the snack bucket, dispersing the napkins and snack at snack time and being line leader.  She was so excited she was dressed, hair brushed, shoes on, jacket on, backpack on and ready to go by 7:30am. I was jealous.  ... Read More »

Not Participating in Daylight Savings

Cassie and Callie (our three year old twins) have decided not to participate in Daylight Savings this year.  They haven’t consciously (or verbally) indicated this decision but ever since the time change they have just stuck with getting up at the same time.  So instead of getting up between 7-7:30 they are now up between 6-6:30 (for someone who is not ... Read More »

Meet the Rasmussen’s!

So our youngest, Callie, excitedly came to me this morning and announced, “The Christmas tree tipped over!”  Following behind was her sister, Cassie, who added, “The tree fall down!”  “How did that happen?”  I asked initially irritated. “We knocked it over!” they both chimed in (should talk to their lawyer.) The old me, (from yesterday) would have gottnen mad and rattled off ... Read More »