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Miracle Monday: “When the Cradle is Empty” Chapter 2

I’ve been reading “When the Cradle is Empty: Answering Tough Questions About Infertility” by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter.  This week we will look at Chapter 2: Pitfalls along the Path. The authors discuss their early beliefs that they would get married have children and live happily ever after.  When they weren’t getting pregnant they said they waited almost two ... Read More »

Family “Recipe” Fridays: The Wilson’s*

This week’s feature family is the Wilson’s (names are changed for privacy).  She shared, “I never thought we would have problems having children.  I come from a family of six and my husband has 3 brothers.  It has been a long road but we are so happy to finally have our son.  I’m hoping the next time it won’t be as difficult but I ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Unlimited Funds

If you had unlimited money to spend on having a baby/child what would you do? -Cindy Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: Assignment 1

What if there was only one day a week you were allowed to take pregnancy tests?  Wednesdays for example.  What if people can only find out if they are pregnant on Wednesdays?  Same for adoption calls.  Birth mothers can only choose waiting parents on Wednesdays and the adoption counselors can only call on Wednesdays to let you know the picture of ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “When the Cradle is Empty” Chapter 1

While I was going through infertility I don’t remember finding many (any) resources that came from a biblical point of view.  I remember reading the Abraham and Sarah story but she was like 90! when she gave birth so I found it hard to relate to.  Now there are more books and resources out there that have a Christian view-point that ... Read More »

Daily Themes

Starting next month “Recipe for a Family” will have daily themes that address different issues with Adoption/Loss/Infertility.  Following will be the format: Miracle Mondays:  Faith-based support and success stories The Truth about Trying Tuesdays:  Facts about Adoption/Loss/Infertility While you Wait Wednesdays:  Weekly tips/activities to help deal with the waiting (2ww, waiting for “the call”, general waiting, dealing with disappointments) The Thursday Thinker:  A weekly ... Read More »