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While you Wait Wednesday: Assignment 2

Each week you will have an assignment to help you get through the waiting time.  Doesn’t matter if you are in the 2 week wait to see if you’re pregnant, if you are waiting for your next round of IVF, waiting for a call from a birth mom or waiting to hear from your adoption counselor about when you can go ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: How many Babies are we Talking About

I like numbers.  I like to be able to calculate odds and help predict outcomes (I also have control issues!)  When my sons’ were born premature I wanted to know how worried I should be based on the different diagnosis’ they received.  I wished there was a universal worry scale like the pain scale they use at the hospital, the one ... Read More »

Daily Themes

Starting next month “Recipe for a Family” will have daily themes that address different issues with Adoption/Loss/Infertility.  Following will be the format: Miracle Mondays:  Faith-based support and success stories The Truth about Trying Tuesdays:  Facts about Adoption/Loss/Infertility While you Wait Wednesdays:  Weekly tips/activities to help deal with the waiting (2ww, waiting for “the call”, general waiting, dealing with disappointments) The Thursday Thinker:  A weekly ... Read More »


Joining an online forum is a really helpful outlet for anyone going through infertility or considering adoption.  There were so many questions I had going through the process and I wish I had been able to go online and just ask my questions.  Anything from practical tips to discussing how to get through the next two weeks.  You can use ... Read More »

Domestic Newborn Adoption

On one of the adoption forums a member asked if there were some adoption agencies that specialized in certain kinds of adoption.  There certainly are and some are more open about that than others.  Remember that adoption is not just for people who have infertility.  So the question is are they trying to find the best home for the children they want to place ... Read More »

A Touching Poem about Adoption

I found this poem on Adoption.com: From God’s Arms, To My Arms, To Yours Have a nice weekend, Cindy Read More »

The Waiting “Game”

What are your favorite games?  Checkers? Monopoly?  Dance, Dance Revolution?  All fun things right?  How about the game of waiting to see if you’re pregnant?  Or the game of waiting for the adoption agency to call?  Not at the top of my list.  So who came up with the term “waiting game”?  None of these are fun “game-like” situations.  The word “game” simply doesn’t ... Read More »

New Years Resolutions (Part 3)

Today your job is to take your questions from yesterday and compare your answers.  What is your first instinct?  What were you initially excited about, relieved about or most nervous about or had a nagging feeling of “see I knew that…”.  Let these be your guide.  For example if you were very apprehensive about adoption but after talking to three ... Read More »

International Adoption: Are you waiting to bring your child home?

Are you going through international adoption and you have your child’s picture on your fridge?  Not that you need it because you have his/her image burned into your memory.  How do you handle being apart at the holidays?  One way is to say a special prayer before your Christmas dinner, another is to wrap a gift for him/her and save ... Read More »

Adoption Support Groups

Tonight I will be getting together with a group of other moms who have adopted from Eastern European countries.  Many of them adopted sibling groups and children over the age of 3.  There is a common bond between us ladies that I had been searching for for years.  I just started meeting with this group in June and it has ... Read More »