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The Truth about Trying Tuesday:  For Friends and Family

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: For Friends and Family

You probably know someone who has been affected by infertility.  Maybe it’s a close friend that has suffered a miscarriage.  Maybe there’s a co-worker that is still childless after many years.  There may even be a close family member that has chosen to remain silent about their struggles but are still devestated by the heartbreak of dealing with infertility. Part ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: Multiple Miscarriages

“Experiencing a miscarriage is a tremendous shock. Infertility is defined as 2 or more consecutive miscarriages. The joyful feelings resulting from a positive pregnancy test give way to feelings of disappointment and sadness. A feeling of unreality – “this can’t be happening to me” – is mixed with a deeper sense of having lost something precious – a baby.” This ... Read More »

Financial Fridays: What if it Doesn’t Work

When it came time to buy a new vehicle for our family we researched different mini-vans, weighed the pros and cons of different brands and looked for the features we wanted. When we finally decided we went into the dealership signed all the papers, paid the first payment and the car dealer said, “All right, have a good day.” He ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: Dealing with Loss

I just read a blog from a mom who lost her baby seven weeks ago. Reading what she wrote in real-time was so heartbreaking, so raw. My heart goes out to her. How can I help her know that the pain will subside? That there is hope? That someday she won’t spend every waking moment reviewing what happened and questioning what she ... Read More »

Announcing my Book Project!

For the past two years I have been working on writing a book about how our family came together.  Recipe for a Family: A Handful of Preemies, a Couple of Orphans and the Baby Next Door is the inspirational true story of how we went from the multiple losses of miscarriage, stillbirth and the death of our three-week-old son to ... Read More »

I got on a Plane…

So last week I got on a plane, by myself, and flew to California with my dream in my carry-on (stuffed in there with a weeks worth of clothes, three pairs of shoes and not nearly enough hair care products for my long curly hair.) I went to a Writers Conference in the mountains near Santa Cruz. I had my ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: New IVF Technique

This is excellent news for those who may need to do IVF. Although the research is new and may take awhile to become manistream this is a wonderful breakthrough! New IVF technique giving women better outcomes -Cindy Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Multiple Miscarriages

It is advised to see an infertility specialst if you have had 2 or more miscarriages. Do you think women should be tested routinely after one miscarriage to prevent the heartache of a second one? -Cindy Read More »

Miracle Monday: 6 Months from Now

One thing that was always comforting for me was to remember that God is working behind the scenes on my behalf.  All the time.  He is making things happen, allowing others to happen in my favor!  He is doing that for you too. Going through infertility feels like you have to make all these decisions and if you make the wrong ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope”: Put Yourself in my Shoes

Chapter 5 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake discusses how to cope with other people’s’ comments during infertility or after a loss of a baby at any stage: “People who haven’t walked in our shoes have no idea of the depths to which we grieve and experience anger and hopelessness.” We have all been subjected to insensitive comments.  Most people ... Read More »