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Forget “My Little Pony”, How about “My Little Snake”

So I took the kids to Toys R Us last week, all of them, (and a neighbor kid), because their Christmas money was burning a hole in their pockets.  We walked through the sliding doors and their eyes got the size of saucers, “Choose” I announced and they all began to drool.  Of course “choose” had some limitations but for all practical purposes ... Read More »

Mom’s New Year Preview

In the spirit of a newspaper columnist that wrote a review of the year to come instead of last year, here is a prediction of what 2013 holds for our family: In 2013: 1.  Our children will learn how to get into and out of a mini-van without fighting, screaming, “accidentally” closing doors on each other AND without having to hire ... Read More »

364 Days Until Christmas

What a whirlwind of Christmas!  It was such a nice Christmas this year.  Really!!  Everything went really well.  Everyone arrived safely, the turkey turned out, the kids were THRILLED with their gifts and it was just really nice…really loud at times…but really nice.  Here are some pics from our Christmas’s: -Cindy Read More »

Two Little Penguins

I just had to get these hats.  The best purchase I’ve made all season!! -Cindy Read More »

Another Milestone

The kids are finally past that “tie the sitter up and lock her in the closet” stage that all kids go through.  In the last week I have been able to go to two holiday parties with Jerad.  In the past we have always had to divide and conquer, split the kids up to other’s houses or get two sitters (or most ... Read More »

No Mud Room…And Other Worldly Disasters

We have 6 (active, forgetful, messy) kids and we live in Minnesota (4-5 seasons) and NO Mud Room (place to put jackets, hats, mittens, scarfs, snow pants, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, soccer balls, soccer shoes, hockey sticks, karate belts and swim goggles). Disclaimer:  I am aware that some people do not even have jackets, hats, swim goggles…and thus no worries ... Read More »

Guests for Morning Cartoons

There were a few “friends” that joined Cassie and Callie this morning to watch TV…and they all agreed on the same show (even Piglet). -Cindy Read More »

The Ever-Popular Pepperoni Advent Calendar

I got each kid their own advent calendar on Saturday.  These are just small boxes that has flaps they open each day to reveal a piece of chocolate.  I told them you never know what will be behind each door (the chocolate is in different holiday shapes).  Cassie took this to mean that there could be any kind of treat behind each ... Read More »

Ready to Go, Except for…

Here were the directions, “Go put your swim suits on and put your clothes over top, we’re going swimming.” (We go swimming every week so the routine is nothing new.) Here’s what the girls did: 1. Started stuffing their back packs and lunch boxes with all their worldly possessions. 2.  One twin got her suit on, the other did not ... Read More »

Bigger Kids – Bigger Wish List

I was trying to plan out my Black Thursday/Friday shopping expedition.  If there aren’t any big-ticket items then I will wait until some day that is not “Black”.  I can’t decide what to get the kids.  We usually have a pretty simple Christmas, only a few things under the tree which is nice but now that the kids are older ... Read More »