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Retired Hockey Mom

Saturday was “Hockey Day Minnesota” so there was all kinds of hoopla at the rink and all over the state.  However this past year I retired as a hockey mom.  Johnny was in hockey for 4 years and Lexi was in it for 2 years and we agreed to take them out of hockey this past fall.  Here is a ... Read More »

Fun Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment.  Take a hairbrush, preferably one with a curved back, and place it in your sink back side up.  Then crank on the water as high as it will go.  Do this while your mother is in the middle of cooking pancakes.  Her keen senses will alert her to the sound of water splashing much too loudly to ... Read More »

The Rock-Star Treatment

When Jerad gets home from work the kids all yell “Dad’s home, Dad’s home!” and they run to the door, line up and take turns running and jumping into his arms.  He gets the “Rock Star Treatment” every day he gets hoe from work.  That’s one of the perks of being “Dad”. Today when I went to pick-up the girls ... Read More »

The Birthplace of Jesus

Last night we went to the library and got new books.  I got a bunch of random fact books and encyclopedia type books with lots of pictures hoping to spark some interest in the kids for different things.  We were all downstairs reading when Callie shouted out, “Look, that’s where Jesus was born!”  I was excited that she had made ... Read More »

This Just In: Boys are Different than Girls!

I made the girls a pretend play Cub Foods grocery store for Christmas.  It comes complete with playfood, baskets, carts (with room for their crying baby dolls) and a check out area with a cash register.  I imagined all the kids could play in the grocery store, the older kids running the register, restocking the shelves, helping the younger ones.  ... Read More »

To Celebrate a Greate Civil Rights Leader we go Bowling

Today is MLK Day and every year to celebrate we go bowling.  There is nothing to read into it, no lifelong lessons connected between bowling and dreaming big dreams, no metaphors between equality, peaceful resolutions and throwing a round ball with holes in it at a bunch of pins.  It’s just become one of our traditions.  It started a few ... Read More »

Socially Appropriate Behavior

So when I went to pay for my fabric today at the store I turned around and saw Cassie, laying on her back, knees up scooting herself around in a circle on the floor, like a turtle stuck on his back.  I said the appropriate “parenting class” statement, “Honey, get up, that’s not how we behave in the fabric store, I ... Read More »