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What Every Mother Wants to Hear

What Every Mother Wants to Hear

We’ve been discussing getting a pet at our house.  Cat, dog, fish…rock.  The conversations have been going on for a while and we (the parents) are just not quite ready to pull the trigger on any big decisions.  So the other day we were driving home from church and I overheard the kids talking about getting a kitten. Child 1: “Oh, kitties are so cute we ... Read More »

On the Stage

Last Friday was the 4th grade Family Breakfast where all the fourth graders come in before school with their families, have breakfast and put on a short concert.  It is always super cute, they do it for every grade, and even though this was the sixteenth family breakfast I’ve been to (one for each kid, each year for the last ... Read More »

Christmas Crafts?

“Can I have the scissors?”  Cassie comes asks me while I’m eating my breakfast.  “Can I have some tape?” She asks a few minutes later.  I can tell she is busy at a project in the other room.  Based on her past track record with tape and scissors I’m a bit nervous, but I haven’t finished my Cheerios yet and ... Read More »

Dalmatians at Thanksgiving?

The other night we are all sitting around the dinner table and Cassie gets up, all of a sudden and disappears.  She comes back in a few minutes dressed in her Halloween costume, the dalmatian.  She goes about eating her dinner as if nothing happened. The upside is we have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of Cassie’s costume.  The downside, ... Read More »

Johnny’s Play

We went to the theatre this weekend…at the middle school.  Johnny was in the production of “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist”.  It was a really cute play about super heroes.  Johnny played one of the four super heroes that comes to life after the comic book artist uses a magical pen.  His character was Triple Time (a really fast ... Read More »

Parenting Advice from my Frozen Lasagna

So I went to put in a frozen lasagna (usually I make homemade lasagna but life got in the way tonight) and the film cover that you’re supposed to remove ten minutes before it’s done was printed with one sentence, highly researched quips: “Kids who have regular family dinners may get better grades.” “Kids who have frequent meals together may be more likely ... Read More »

Top 5 Signs Your Child Might NOT be Ready to Use Scissors Unsupervised

  I know, I know, you’re thinking what on earth were you doing while your kids ran around the house in a crazy cutting frenzy?  Well, these are cumulative findings that have been discovered over the course of time, however I am baffled that at my kids’ ages these still occur.  I don’t get it.  But maybe it’s like the urge ... Read More »

What Will you do with All Your Time?

Here’s what afternoons of reckless abandon look like at my house (the youngest have gone off to school for afternoon kindergarten): 1.  The first afternoon off:  Assist the plumber in locating and fixing the toilet problems, leaky faucets, and noisy pipes 2. Thurs. afternoon:  Fit in my annual Dr. appt. 3.  Fri. afternoon:  One of the kids is sick already and home ... Read More »

The Launch

14 years.  That’s how long I’ve been a stay-at-home mom.  Today I send my youngest(s) to kindergarten,  it’s a big day!  A lot of transitions this fall, a lot of new beginnings.  Joey starts high school, Josh and Johnny start middle school, Lexi is going into 4th grade, Cassie and Callie start kindergarten and I start…what?  A new chapter of ... Read More »

Back from Vacation

Last week we farmed out the kids!  We had three days to ourselves up at the cabin and it was so nice not to be needed/interrupted.  Josh, Johnny and Lexi went to summer camp, and the girls and Joey went to my parent’s. The couple that sat behind us at the restaurant (that’s a place where they make the food for you ... Read More »