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The Simple Things

A couple of weeks ago my mom came down to visit and brought me beautiful purple mums.  I put them right outside my window on the deck so I can see it from the kitchen.  The girls have been in charge of taking care of it and they have taken on their responsibility with gusto!  They check on it every morning, they ... Read More »

Color Week at Kindergarten

When our first son went through Kindergarten I loved things like color week at school.  You know, where the kids are supposed to wear something Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday…etc.  I think I even went out and bought Joey a yellow shirt because we didn’t own anything yellow.  Now I’m learning that color week is really a set-up to ... Read More »

What Will you do with All Your Time?

Here’s what afternoons of reckless abandon look like at my house (the youngest have gone off to school for afternoon kindergarten): 1.  The first afternoon off:  Assist the plumber in locating and fixing the toilet problems, leaky faucets, and noisy pipes 2. Thurs. afternoon:  Fit in my annual Dr. appt. 3.  Fri. afternoon:  One of the kids is sick already and home ... Read More »

Disney “CARS 3” ?

This is just a suggestion to Disney for the theme for the next CARS movie: (Cassie, Callie and Lexi found frogs in the backyard and entertained them for the afternoon.) -Cindy Read More »

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Hydrangeas

This is one of the lesser known commandments but look at thses photos and you shalt understand: -Cindy Read More »

THAT Curly-Haired Girl?

“Excuse me, do you know who belongs to that curly-haired girl?” “Oh, that’s my girl.” My husband chirped in. We were at Lexi’s soccer game and I was sitting watching the game with the blanket set up behind me full of toys for the girls. Jerad had just arrived and was standing behind me. Usually when someone asks about the ... Read More »

What do People Do in the Evenings?

We have four more days until soccer is over for the season. That means next week, starting on Monday we will no longer have to eat dinner at 4:30 to make sure everyone eats before eve. activities. We will no longer have to play Carpool Amazing Race. We won’t have to plan ahead for going to three different events making ... Read More »

Here on Broadway

Johnny finished up his theatre camps this week and had two performances. The first was “Our Gang Follies of 1938” an origianl musical based on the Little Rascals. He wasn’t Alfalfa, (the kid who played Alfalfa was really good) but he did an awesome job as a part of a three-man trio. So these kids (all 5th graders) met for seven days, ... Read More »

Fun on the Sidelines

So you know when you’re at a baseball game, or a soccer game and there is the big guy that sits in his lawn chair, munchin’ on sunflower seeds, occasionally giving a holler for the team he’s cheering for? After he leaves the game there is a big pile of chewed up, spit out sunflower seeds…right? So you know when ... Read More »


So we come out of Sports Authority and I’m talking with Joey (who just bought new soccer cleats with his OWN money because he has a job – Soccer Ref). I look behind me for the trailing Cassie and Callie and they are lagging behind in the parking lot. I turn and open the van door and then see the two ... Read More »