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The Simple Things

A couple of weeks ago my mom came down to visit and brought me beautiful purple mums.  I put them right outside my window on the deck so I can see it from the kitchen.  The girls have been in charge of taking care of it and they have taken on their responsibility with gusto!  They check on it every morning, they ... Read More »

4th of July Week

We are back from a week at the cabin. I could seriously get used to lake life on a permanent basis. We had beautiful weather all week except for a few showers over the weekend. Our friends came up on Tuesday and our relatives were up for the fourth. A nice combination of visitors and just time by ourselves. Got some fun ... Read More »

Are You Smarter than a 5-year-old

I was looking out the window of the van and noticed the clouds were unusually big and fluffy. “Girls, look at the big white fluffy clouds!” Very matter-of-factly Callie answers “Cumulus mom, cumulus clouds.” “Oh, right, cumulus.” -Cindy Read More »

Sisterly Love

                Sometimes, every once in a while, there are moments like this. -Cindy Read More »

For the Not-Yet Mothers

I overheard someone say when she is asked questions such as, “Have you ever been to Paris?” or “Have you tried parasailing?” instead of a disappointing “No” she would answer, “Not yet!”. That is how I like to think about Mother’s day for those women who have been tying with all their heart to become mothers but haven’t yet gotten ... Read More »

Mom’s Night at Preschool

Last night it was Mom’s Night at preschool. We did some projects, played with some of the classroom toys and sang some fun songs. With five kids going through this preschool this was my seventh and last Mom’s night. It was bittersweet. There is just something about the excitement that preschoolers exhibit that slowly fades as they get older. I soaked it ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky Cassie and Callie. From 2lbs 2oz and 1lb 14oz to two beautiful 5-year olds! Truly miracles! Read More »

Spring Break in Review

Our kids have been on break all week, actually since last Thursday. The highlights were going to the Mall of America, Maple Grove Maze, Big Thrill Factory and this weekend we are off to the Water Park of America. Even though it was still chilly the kids were dying to ride their new bikes -Jerad got them all new bikes this ... Read More »


When the kids are all grown up and leave the nest (in 13 years, 4months and 18 days…apporximately)I am going to go to my cupboard, open it up, and there, right where they are supposed to be, will be my scissors. Everytime. I will use them and put them back and over and over I will delight in opening the ... Read More »

Letters to Nana

A couple weeks ago my folks took their annual trip down south somewhere warmer for a week. While they were gone the little girls wanted to send Nana and Papa some letters. So for a few days in a row they colored their hearts out and printed all the word combinations they know and we sent off a bunch of ... Read More »