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Deep Conversations

What I like about having the kids home for the summer is it gives us quality time together where we are not rushed and can have some really deep conversations.  Sometimes the best convetsations unfold while driving in the car.  Here was ours today: Josh: This movie is rated G. Lexi: No it’s not. Josh: Yes it is. Lexi: No ... Read More »

Summertime! Baseball, BBQ’s, Broken Arms

That’s right.  What better way to start off the summer than to break your arm!  Poor Josh.  Was out riding his bike afterschool on Monday, ran into the curb, fell off and broke his right arm.  We were at the hospital all Monday night.  He had to have surgery to put everything back in place.  We should have some sort ... Read More »

Splashing and Flushing

Yesterday I am finishing the breakfast dishes and I pause and hear splashing and flushing noises coming from the bathroom… “Oh no Ariel!  Look out, the dinosaur is coming!”  I already know what is going on before I get there but sure enough, the girls are playing in the toilet like it is a water table, flushing every now and ... Read More »

Cuz We’re Goin’ to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

We’ve been trying to get to the zoo since Cassie and Callie’s birthday.  So today everything lined up and we met Nana and Papa at the MN Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and it wasn’t too crowded.  There were a few school groups but not too bad.  The girls really liked the monkeys, the fish and the dolphin show.  ... Read More »

“Snack Bucket!”

“Snack Bucket!”  I yelled as I looked over at my husband pouring himself a glass of apple juice…the apple juice for the SNACK BUCKET tomorrow.  “That juice is for the preschoolers tomorrow…or at least it was.”  “Oh, sorry, it wasn’t marked.  Here you go,”  casually screwing the cap back on the juice as if the problem was solved. Perhaps the struggles of modern-day mothers pale in ... Read More »

And the Mother of the Year Goes to…

Top 5 things that disqualify you from being mother of the year (possibly based on personal experience): 5.  Driving your daughter to her friend’s birthday party, you notice her friend playing in her front yard when the party is supposed to be at the local pool, you stop and ask the friend what’s up and find out the birthday party was YESTERDAY! ... Read More »

Bouncy Castle vs. Bucket and Sand

I love planning Birthday Parties.  Of course my husband reminds me I run around like a mad woman getting everything ready but that’s part of the fun (he would argue with that.)  Yesterday the girls had their first party.  We have done small parties with family before but this was the first time they invited friends and did the whole ... Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Teenager’s Life: #10

As we’re pulling out of the driveway, Joey yells, “Just wait!” “What?” I say as I keep going anyway. “Stop, stop!” I pulled over right in front of our house. “What is the deal?” “I’m gonna lose my connection!”  as he fiddled with his iPod (which doesn’t have mobile internet, yet.) “We have to stay in front of the house ... Read More »

Unique Names

“Pablo, Tyrone, time to go!”  I yelled at the McDonald’s playland.  My twin girls shot out of the swirly slide and came over to me to protest leaving.  I continued,  “But Pablo, we have to get home before the kids get off the bus.  Where’s your shoes?”  The lady at the table next to me was giving me the look ... Read More »

Pressing Questions of an 8-year-old Girl

Here’s how the conversation went on the way back from dropping off Joey at soccer.  It was just Lexi, my 8-year-old, and me. Lexi: “Mom, can I get extensions for my hair?  My friend at school has extensions and they are so cool.” Me:  “Well, I don’t know.” Lexi: “Do you know how to do extensions?” Me: “No, I’ve never ... Read More »