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Artwork: To Save or Not To Save?

You all know the volumes of artwork your kids make or bring home from school.  Some go on the fridge, some in a special box in their rooms, others you probably have mysteriously disappear after a few weeks (or days).  Callie was working diligently at the table for quite a while, I was making dinner.  When I went over to see ... Read More »

“Mom, we need a new van!”

Cassie and Callie were riding their trikes in the driveway and playing in the leaves (or so I thought).  Cassie came running in, “Mom, we need a new van!”   Not a good sign.  Here’s what I found:   How is that possible?  She was hanging on it (not even sure what to call it) and pulled it off.  How does one ... Read More »

A Pile of Leaves

It’s that time of year.  I went up to the cabin with the girls to do some yard work etc. and it occurred to me that when an adult sees a pile of leaves they think of all the work that it will take to rake it up, bag it up, haul it a way.  Kids look at a pile ... Read More »

The Slot Machine Toilet

If my Ice Cube Box invention doesn’t catch on I’m going with the “Slot Machine Toilet”.  It’s programmed like a slot machine so that every eighth, twelfth or twentieth player is a winner, all you have to do to play is FLUSH!  There is seemingly some confusion at our house about this step in the pottying process (and I’m not referring to the ... Read More »

It’s Like Easter Every Day

I’m trying to teach the kids how to do dishes.  Actually just teaching them how to put dishes in the dishwasher and take them out and put them away. Also teaching them all the techniques they can use to determine if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty (detective badges will be handed out at the end.)  Anyway when I ... Read More »

Pumpkin Rollin’

The girls took the pumpkin from our front porch and rolled it all the way to the other side of the house to our little hill.  Then they rolled it down, chasing it, laughing all the way down.  It was so cute.  Then they decided to get more creative and grabbed their trikes and decided to chase the pumpkin down on their bikes.  ... Read More »

4 year-old Soccer

It’s fall soccer time!  This weekend Joey had two games, Lexi had one game and Cassie and Callie had a game.  That’s right we started the 4 year-olds in organized sports.  Don’t want them to miss out on any scholarship opportunities you know.  However, I hardly believe the experience they are having with fall soccer is propelling them towards being ... Read More »

Hockey Starts with M

The girls are learning to write their letters so I write a bunch of words for them to copy and they come up with all sorts of hieroglyphics resembling letters.  “H*6#S^” is not a swear word but how they write “house”.  So Callie drew a picture of herself with a huge black hockey bag and then wrote “EELLOM” (she has L’s in ... Read More »

Soup on the Keyboard, Broken Saxaphone, Marker Shirts

Here is a pretty typical day at our house (actually it all transpired over a matter of hours).  One of the kids came home from school, whom just started playing in the band, saxophone, “My sax needs to be fixed.”  Sure enough one of the valves snapped off.  Won’t go into the blame game but this same kid doesn’t recognize resistance and therefore ... Read More »

Appropriately Labeled

Cassie found a little sticker at the soccer game, the size of a Chaquita banana sticker.  She decided to pull up her shirt and stick it over her belly button.  When she came to show me I saw it was from an orange and appropriately said, NAVEL! -Cindy Read More »