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Your Kid May Be an Honor Student but Mine…

…can entertain his two little sisters in a nonconventioanl manner producing rapturous laughter that fills the house!  Yes those are trash cans, but we use them for laundry bins.  And I was worried that the 9-year age difference would mean they”d never find anything they could do together.  Once agian I’m proven wrong.  Have a good weekend!! -Cindy Read More »

Every Day is Rainbows and Butterflies

It was quiet.  For the first time in 11 days it was quiet.  All the kids went back to school after Christmas break, even the twins had preschool and after I dropped them off I sat in my van and enjoyed the quiet.  No one needed me, no one had to show me anything, I did not have to be ... Read More »

IKEA: Table for 7 Please

So IKEA is offering free kids meals this week.  I love going to IKEA so I accept any excuse to go.  However, I framed it as a learning experience for the kids.  IKEA has several room layouts for very compact living.  They have apartments set up that are less than 600 sq ft with all the necessities often lofting the bed.  One extreme display ... Read More »

Merry Christmas!

The kids are all home today (day 1 of 11) and I think we’re ready for Christmas.  We will have the in-laws over Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day.  It’s nice having it here because the kids are used to it and know the routine.  It’s less stress for them (and me).  The gifts are wrapped and ready to ... Read More »

Positive Reinforcement

  I had to bring one of the older kids in to the doctor this morning and I didn’t have a sitter so Cassie and Callie tagged along.  While we were waiting I gave each of them a stack of flashcards with animal pictures on them.  It was new so it kept them occupied.  After they had looked throught he ... Read More »

Snack Girl!

This morning Callie woke up and excitedly announced she was “Snack Girl!”  This is the preschool job that involves bringing in the snack bucket, dispersing the napkins and snack at snack time and being line leader.  She was so excited she was dressed, hair brushed, shoes on, jacket on, backpack on and ready to go by 7:30am. I was jealous.  ... Read More »