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Happy Birthday to my Little Fighter

Today is my son’s birthday.  He would have been 12-years-old today.  Our son Jacob was born at 24 weeks, weighing a little under 2lbs.  He spent 23 days in the NICU fighting for his life.  There were days it looked like he would make it, followed by days that were really rough.  He got NEC (Necrotizing enterocolitis) had surgery to repair ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: Pregnancy Stats

On “The Truth about Trying Tuesday” I want to inform women about the facts and statistics that are out there in an effort to dismiss false beliefs and to put things in perspective.  This week I found statistics on pregnancy from the American Pregnancy Association: “Pregnancy: There are approximately 6 million pregnancies every year throughout the United States: 4,058,000 live ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 6)

On this day, January 21, 11 years ago, our son Jacob Charles Rasmussen passed away.  He was 23 days old.  The new doctor that came in that day sat us down and explained there was nothing else they could do.  His kidneys had failed.  “What about a kidney transplant?”  I offered.  Not an option for a 3 pound baby.  “What about ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 5)

On this day, January 20, 11 years ago Jacob turned three weeks old.  In the calendar journal we kept it simply says, “We are all very tired.”  That sums it up.  This three-week marathon in the NICU was preceded by 5 weeks of bedrest where we knew if he had been born any one of those days he wouldn’t have had a chance.  ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 4)

On this day, January 19, 11 years ago Jacob was barely hanging on.  He had gained a lot of weight over night which you would think would be a good thing for a preemie but in this case it meant that his kidneys weren’t getting rid of the fluids.  Now his liver was showing signs of failure.  His bilirubin was very ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 3)

On this day, January 18, 11 years ago Jacob was still alive, still fighting for his life.  He was 20 days old and still holding on.  I had stayed up with him all night knowing it may be our last moments together.  He showed some improvement throughout the day.  His blood pressure improved, his ECHO came back OK and they were ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 2)

On this day, January 17th, 11 years ago Jacob continued to get worse.  It was a Wednesday and the doctors were at his bedside constantly,  administering epinephrine to get his blood pressure up.  Because his kidneys were shutting down there was all kind of fluid in his body.  Because of all the fluid his lungs had to work extra hard.  And his ... Read More »

Jacob’s Last Days (Part 1)

This week I will share the story of a remarkable baby and how he touched our lives in his short life.  11 years ago our son Jacob was born.  He was born at 24 weeks and weighed 1 pound 11 ounces.  Born way too soon.  He was born on December 30, 2000 after I had been on a long roller-coaster-ride ... Read More »

Remembering the Baby(s) You’ve Lost at Christmas

What do you do at Christmas to remember baby(s) you have lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death?  The first few years the feelings were raw and I didn’t want it to be swept under the rug.  Each Christmas after a loss I wanted to acknowledge that there should have been gifts under the tree for that child, a stocking stuffed ... Read More »