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Back from Family Camp

This was our 12th Memorial Weekend at Family Camp! Every year we go to Camp Lebanon with my side of the family; my folks, my older brother, his wife and their two little girls (my younger brother gets to opt-out.) 12 years we have been going. That is pretty amazing. Here is a photo of us from one of the ... Read More »

Soccer Tournament Comment Card…Please add Hotwings and Wine Coolers

We had two soccer tournaments this weekend. We’ve been to lots of soccer tournaments over the years, so while we waited for the half-hour delay one of the games I started to brainstorm what would make these events more exciting…for the parents. Sure they bring in jumpy castles and souvenirs for the kids but looking at all those parents, especially ... Read More »

A Touching Moment with Callie

We got home right at bedtime last night so I tried to usher the girls through the elaborate bedtime routine quickly: read stories(skipped that), brush teeth, refill their water bottles for next to their bed, ask them each what song they want me to sing (it’s always the same song but if I don’t ask they get mad), give hugs, kisses and ... Read More »

A Couple that Sprays Together…Stays Together

Date night last night. After all the kids were in bed Jerad and I took out a bottle of…weed killer. Filled up our sprayers and got to work on the lawn. Dueling sprayers committed together to the task of ridding our lawn of all things “not grass”. Very romantic, highly recommended. In a few weeks when the fruit of our labor ... Read More »

Praised for Dirt

Went to Home Depot today with the girls to get my 5 for $10 mulch (brown of course) and more play sand for the sand box. When we got home I unloaded the bags and hauled them down to the backyard where the girls were anxiously awaiting the new sand. I opened the first bag and the girls were unusually ecstatic, “Thanks mom ... Read More »

Soccer, Field Trips, and Thomas Edison

It has been a crazy spring.  apparently the people who did this study “Mom survey says: Three is the most stressful number of kids” haven’t been to our house! I love that soccer season has begun.  I really do enjoy watching the kids play soccer.  This year I will actually get to watch some of the games now that the girls ... Read More »

Mom’s Night at Preschool

Last night it was Mom’s Night at preschool. We did some projects, played with some of the classroom toys and sang some fun songs. With five kids going through this preschool this was my seventh and last Mom’s night. It was bittersweet. There is just something about the excitement that preschoolers exhibit that slowly fades as they get older. I soaked it ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Joey!

Joey turns 14 today! He’s the one that started this whole parenthood thing. I have to admit he made it seem easy (still does). Caught him this morning giving Cassie a piggy back ride while Callie tagged along at his feet pretending to be his puppy. He is a great big brother! Happy Birthday Joey, your Dad and I are ... Read More »

Preschool Show-and-Tell Gone Wrong

On the way home from preschool Callie said that “Emma” brought in her dog for sharing (show-and-tell). I questioned her a little more becasue I didn’t think they allowed real pets at school. “No, not her real dog, just the bones.” Callie explained. “What?” “Yeah, the skeleton.” “She brought in the skeleton of her dog?” I questioned. “Yes.” I had to ... Read More »

Conflict Resolution x8

With eight people in our family you can imagine every once in awhile there may be a disagreement: “Oh Lexi, I was hoping to help mom with the laundry today.” “No, Johnny, I want to help mom!” OK, that conflict has never happened in our house but you know what I mean. The combinations of head-to-head “discussions” is some kind ... Read More »