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April Snowers (like April Showers but whiter)

This is what we woke up to this morning (and it is still snowing).  To my new friends in California, if you hear a knock at the door it will be me (and my husband and six kids) coming to stay with you until this nonsense is over (no worries, you won’t even know we’re there.) -Cindy Read More »

Spring Break in Review

Our kids have been on break all week, actually since last Thursday. The highlights were going to the Mall of America, Maple Grove Maze, Big Thrill Factory and this weekend we are off to the Water Park of America. Even though it was still chilly the kids were dying to ride their new bikes -Jerad got them all new bikes this ... Read More »


When the kids are all grown up and leave the nest (in 13 years, 4months and 18 days…apporximately)I am going to go to my cupboard, open it up, and there, right where they are supposed to be, will be my scissors. Everytime. I will use them and put them back and over and over I will delight in opening the ... Read More »


We had a low-key Easter this year. A week before we had gathered with the in-laws to celebrate the kids’ spring Birthdays and the girls had spent a week at Nana and Papa’s so it was nice to just spend time with our immediate family. We had a traditional Easter dinner: hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and Pringles, with ice ... Read More »

I got on a Plane…

So last week I got on a plane, by myself, and flew to California with my dream in my carry-on (stuffed in there with a weeks worth of clothes, three pairs of shoes and not nearly enough hair care products for my long curly hair.) I went to a Writers Conference in the mountains near Santa Cruz. I had my ... Read More »

Performance Review

Funny how they call them “conferences” as kids and “performance reviews” as adults. We had the preschool conferences for the girls today. I read through their report card and was pleased with how they are doing. Despite them being born so premature I feel really good about them being ready for Kindergarten. I am so pleased with their progress. For ... Read More »

Letters to Nana

A couple weeks ago my folks took their annual trip down south somewhere warmer for a week. While they were gone the little girls wanted to send Nana and Papa some letters. So for a few days in a row they colored their hearts out and printed all the word combinations they know and we sent off a bunch of ... Read More »

Birds and the Bees and the Mermaids

I was chatting with Lexi just casually about getting a swimsuit for summer, or something, and the topic came around to how girls change into women and boys change into men. I told her I had a book we could read sometime that talks about all the changes she will go through when she gets to be a teenager. She ... Read More »

Birthday Bartering

Johnny and Josh’s Birthdays were last week. They both turned 11. To celebrate their birthdays we gave them two options. Behind Door #1 was a Birthday Party in which they could invite two of their closest friends, behind Door #2…CASH. Last year they both opted for the Cash settlement (of course we had a family party with cake and ice cream ... Read More »

A Proud Mama

So we found out Johnny got the part of Mowgli in the school Jungle Book play! I don’t know why I get to be proud, it’s not like I’ve schooled him in the fine arts of theatre (although I did build a stage for the kids at the cabin), but I’m proud. I’m so happy that he has found something ... Read More »