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Future Home Organizer

I went looking for a soccer shirt today and in one of the boys’ rooms I found this:   So I asked myself, “Are the clothes put away” “Yes.” “Is there stuff all over the room?” “No.” “Does this count as being organized?” “I’m not sure.” The reason being is when I opened the second drawer (couldn’t get the top ... Read More »

A Proud Mama

So we found out Johnny got the part of Mowgli in the school Jungle Book play! I don’t know why I get to be proud, it’s not like I’ve schooled him in the fine arts of theatre (although I did build a stage for the kids at the cabin), but I’m proud. I’m so happy that he has found something ... Read More »

Fun in Minnesota

Yesterday the high temperature here was 5 below zero, today we have a warm-up and it is going to get up to negative 1. So what do you do when it is that cold out AND the kids are home from school. You freeze stuff. In the spirit of “Sid the Science Kid” we wrote down our predictions of what ... Read More »

9 Kids Eat more than 6 Kids

I know, more breakthroughs but I swear this has been the schedule for the week: Get up Make Breakfast Clean-up after breakfast Make lunches for school Clean-up after making lunches Make morning snack Clean-up after snack Make lunches for kids at home Clean-up after lunch Make afternoon snack Clean-up after snack Make dinner Clean-up after dinner Make bedtime snack Clean-up ... Read More »

9 Kids are Louder than 6

So here’s the deal. This week I am babysitting my friend’s three kids while she, her husband and other kids (she has 7 boys) enjoy some much need vaca time in Florida. Yes, that makes 9 kids under one roof for the week: a 14-year-old, almost 14-year-old, two almost 11-year-olds, a 9-year-old, three 4-year-olds and an active 1 1/2-year-old. I ... Read More »

Road Construction and the Flu

In Minnesota the news (and conversations) revolve around two subjects. From May until October it is all about the road construction that is going on in and around the city. Because of the harsh winters they have to jam a years worth of road repairs into 6 months. From November to April all we talk about is the flu. How ... Read More »

Good Intentions vs. The Universe

What the heck went on this evening at my house?  Here was the plan:  help kids with homework, make chili, serve dinner, carpool Joey and friends to soccer, go to the community center, drop off girls in child care, work out, go home, have snack, put kids to bed. Here’s what happened:  somehow homework time was a free-for-all bombardment of ... Read More »

Forget “My Little Pony”, How about “My Little Snake”

So I took the kids to Toys R Us last week, all of them, (and a neighbor kid), because their Christmas money was burning a hole in their pockets.  We walked through the sliding doors and their eyes got the size of saucers, “Choose” I announced and they all began to drool.  Of course “choose” had some limitations but for all practical purposes ... Read More »

Mom’s New Year Preview

In the spirit of a newspaper columnist that wrote a review of the year to come instead of last year, here is a prediction of what 2013 holds for our family: In 2013: 1.  Our children will learn how to get into and out of a mini-van without fighting, screaming, “accidentally” closing doors on each other AND without having to hire ... Read More »

Preschool Program

Last Thursday the girls had their Christmas Program at Preschool.  They got dressed-up, sang a bunch of cute songs and we had cookies afterward.  Last year, having a 3-year-old in the program was a lot more unpredictable than 4-year-olds so this year was a little more relaxing.  The girls sang the songs, did the actions and despite some wiggles from Cassie they ... Read More »