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Fire Station Field Trip Take 4

Today was the big field trip to the fire station for Cassie and Callie.  It was the fourth time I have been on the fire station tour and therefore, in a pinch, I am actually qualified to be a firefighter.  I think the girls favorite part was actually riding the bus.  They have been witnessing their siblings getting on buses for ... Read More »


It was our weekly food gathering ritual and we stopped at Aldi’s to pick-up a few things.  You “get to” bag your own groceries there so I usually just throw everything in the cart, wheel the cart to the van and secure the twins in their car seats and THEN put the bags in the trunk and bag the groceries.  It ... Read More »

A Bus-full of Middle Schoolers

Friday I got to chaperone the middle school field trip to the Festival of Nations.  Thank you to my parents for watching the girls so I could go and to Mrs. M who babysat the girls before my parents could arrive!  I kind of volunteered myself to go, Joey didn’t exactly beg me to tag along but he didn’t roll ... Read More »

The Essence of Bonkerness

So it has been a really crazy week.  Of course I try to  appear that I have it all together but there were definitely ducks out of  row.  I am officially adding “Events Planner” to my resume after this past week.  So here is an example of what “a day in the life” is like.  Tuesday I had to swap cars with ... Read More »

Better Than Little Tikes

I took the girls to my parents on Friday on our way up to the cabin.  They played so nice while my mom and I actually got to talk.  We were in the kitchen and the girls played just outside the door on the stairs.  We have stairs at our house but it is a long stairway that goes down ... Read More »

An “Outside” Car

We were at Joey’s track meet yesterday when we saw a convertible driving through the parking lot.  The girls both pointed and yelled, “Look!”  excited at the novelty of a car without a roof.  Then Callie said, “That’s an oustdie car!  I want to get that!  We just have an inside car, mom.” -Cindy Read More »

The 2nd Grade Concert

Not only was it Joey’s birthday yesterday (the girls and I got his birthday money in ones and spread it all over his floor to surprise him when he got home, he liked that) but it was also Lexi’s 2nd grade concert.  She had a one-line solo.  She did just great!  She stood up there with a few of her ... Read More »

“Help! I’m the Mother of a Teenager!”

It’s official.  My oldest turns 13 today (Happy Birthday Joey!!).  Let the fun begin.  No more, “Mother may I help you with the dishes.” or “I’d rather stay home and play with my siblings than go out with my friends on Friday.”  Oh, who am I kidding, those things never happened in the first place.  Truthfully Joey will make being the mom of a teenager ... Read More »

“Mom Got Dropped-Off by a Guy in a Flatbed Truck!”

Now I know where they get the term “stay-at-home” mom.  Not hard to decipherer that one.  It means the mom stays at home.  In our case I have 6 other bodies to take care of while I’m home.  BUT this weekend was the annual Family Building Conference and I always volunteer to speak at one of the workshops.  That means I ... Read More »

To Nana’s House We Go…

The girls (Cassie and Callie) are staying overnight at Nana and Papa’s house tonight.  I made the mistake of telling them about it on Tuesday and that is all I have heard about all week.  I finally let them pack yesterday just to ease their excitement.  They packed all their stuff in their backpacks and I kid you not have been wearing ... Read More »