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Red Monster Restaurant

I got the local ad for the grocery store and on the front was a complete Lobster Dinner all prepared and staged to inspire you for Valentine’s Day.  When I showed it to Callie I asked, “Do you think you would like to try lobster?” “No, Mommy I don’t eat monster.” -Cindy Read More »

Super Bowl XLVI

My dad hosts a Superbowl party every year.  Sometimes at his house sometimes at ours but he is in charge of the planning, choosing the food (my mom does the cooking, whew!) and the infamous “picks and prizes”.  Each family member gets their ballot and has to pick who they think will win, along with who they think will win ... Read More »

Groundhog Day 2012

You know about my kids and their learning disability related to identifying animal species but today they got it right.  My dad is a huge fan of Groundhog Day so he has been prepping them on this one for months.  I’m sure one of the things on my dad’s bucket list is to visit Gobbler’s Knob, PA and partake in ... Read More »

Dad’s Night at Preschool

So last night it was Dad’s Night at Preschool.  The girls got to bring their Dad to school for a fun night of crafts, songs and fun.  Here are the projects they brought back:  I don’t know if you can see it from this photo but the first thing I thought was did you get this mixed up with someone ... Read More »

All Aboard!

This weekend I took the kids on a train ride with my folks.  My dad is great at finding exciting-fun things to do, my mom is great at helping me keep everyone alive doing dad’s exciting-fun things.  So we headed up to where they live, hopped the train and rode it downtown to the new Twins Stadium.  Cassie brought her Thomas the ... Read More »

“There’s a Giant Rat in my Room!”

So after school I’m trying to get the kids snack and Josh comes running up from his room screaming, “There’s a giant rat in my room!”  He’s not one to pull practical jokes but we don’t live in New York nor have I ever seen a rat where we live.  I follow him down to his room and he is ... Read More »

Saving your Child’s Artwork

I have a box for each child for their artwork, school papers and special memories, but what am I supposed to do with this?  Lexi created this 3D art form from a game she got for Christmas and various other things.  I told her I would take a picture of it to preserve it forever but she still wants to ... Read More »

How Was Your Flight?

Not sure which seat is the best on this flight.  At least Snowman isn’t the pilot, looks like he spent a little too much time at the airport bar. -Cindy Read More »

Retired Hockey Mom

Saturday was “Hockey Day Minnesota” so there was all kinds of hoopla at the rink and all over the state.  However this past year I retired as a hockey mom.  Johnny was in hockey for 4 years and Lexi was in it for 2 years and we agreed to take them out of hockey this past fall.  Here is a ... Read More »

Fun Experiment

Here’s a fun experiment.  Take a hairbrush, preferably one with a curved back, and place it in your sink back side up.  Then crank on the water as high as it will go.  Do this while your mother is in the middle of cooking pancakes.  Her keen senses will alert her to the sound of water splashing much too loudly to ... Read More »