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Surprise Weekend Trip

Last week we decided to surprise the kids for New Years and take them on a weekend trip.  At lunchtime on Friday I told them all to pack a bag and get in the van, Dad was taking us somewhere for a surprise!  With a big family you’re always going to get a mixed response to any event, the “Tiggers” ... Read More »

Every Day is Rainbows and Butterflies

It was quiet.  For the first time in 11 days it was quiet.  All the kids went back to school after Christmas break, even the twins had preschool and after I dropped them off I sat in my van and enjoyed the quiet.  No one needed me, no one had to show me anything, I did not have to be ... Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

Before making a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions that sharpen your parenting skills take this brief quiz: Scoring:  Yes-5 points      Sometimes-3 points      No-0 points 1.  Do you feed your kids?    Yes     Sometimes      No 2.  Do your kids have a place to sleep with a roof?    Yes   Sometimes    No 3.  Do your kids have clothes to wear?   Yes    Sometimes      No 4.  Do ... Read More »

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years from our family to yours!  God bless your 2012 and all that it holds for you and your family!! -Cindy Read More »