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Letters to Nana

A couple weeks ago my folks took their annual trip down south somewhere warmer for a week. While they were gone the little girls wanted to send Nana and Papa some letters. So for a few days in a row they colored their hearts out and printed all the word combinations they know and we sent off a bunch of ... Read More »

Birds and the Bees and the Mermaids

I was chatting with Lexi just casually about getting a swimsuit for summer, or something, and the topic came around to how girls change into women and boys change into men. I told her I had a book we could read sometime that talks about all the changes she will go through when she gets to be a teenager. She ... Read More »

Hippos and Jesus

I swear I don’t make this stuff up…we are eating lunch and talking about the Little People Zoo. The one that has an animal representing each letter of the alphabet. (For those of you who have this, what the heck kind of ram/goat starts with the letter “U”, Cassie showed me and sure enough it looks like a ram but ... Read More »

“Dees are a Few of My Favortie Szings”

Each night at bedtime I ask the two girls what song they want me to sing. They always choose the same ones, but if I just start singing they get upset and insist they want to choose which song. Cassie always chooses The Sun’ll Come Out from Annie and Callie chooses My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. Yesterday ... Read More »

Birthday Bartering

Johnny and Josh’s Birthdays were last week. They both turned 11. To celebrate their birthdays we gave them two options. Behind Door #1 was a Birthday Party in which they could invite two of their closest friends, behind Door #2…CASH. Last year they both opted for the Cash settlement (of course we had a family party with cake and ice cream ... Read More »

Chronicles of a Stage Mom

So Johnny had his big play this weekend. His school put on a production of The Jungle Book. He got cast as Mowgli (he fits the roll!) and so I was kind of nervous for him. I know how to encourage a kid before a big game, I know how to cheer from the sidelines, I know how to give ... Read More »

Ammendment to Our Wedding Vows

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health…” yeah, yeah, yeah, those are all good vows but what about “In remodeling and repairs.”? Have you ever had a major (or minor) home remodeling project? I remember when we put on our addition years ago.  I went to look at windows and the window rep told me, “Half of the couples ... Read More »

Home Cookin’

The secret is out. The other night we had mashed potatoes for dinner…as the main dish…AND it wasn’t even real mashed potatoes, it came from a box!! I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids…oh wait, that’s Scooby Doo. No, it would have been fine except that one of the kids had a friend ... Read More »

“Whatcha doin?…Can I help?”

I wonder if contractors (carpenters, plumbers, HVAC guys/gals) cringe when they find out there will be children present while they are working. We had a couple guys doing some work on our place today and the kids were all in there space, asking questions, poking around, essentially getting in the way. Everytime I shooed them out of the room another kid ... Read More »

Manager at Kitchenville

The kids have chores. Our oldest is on Breakfast Duty (since that seems to be the only time of day he is around) and two others are on Dinner Duty. It essentially means they are responsible for making sure the dishes are all in the dishwasher, the food is put away and the counters, tables and floors are clean. At dinner the ... Read More »