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Every Day is Rainbows and Butterflies

It was quiet.  For the first time in 11 days it was quiet.  All the kids went back to school after Christmas break, even the twins had preschool and after I dropped them off I sat in my van and enjoyed the quiet.  No one needed me, no one had to show me anything, I did not have to be ... Read More »

9 Player XBox Game

Somehow all 9 kids (my 6, plus my friend’s 3) ended up on the “raft” for the XBox 360 Kinects Adventure rafting game.  Some were standing on the couch behind the other “players” and the one-and-a-half year old was in front of the scanner-box-thing (not the technical name) so really everything he did negated everyone else’s moves.  I’m pretty sure ... Read More »

IKEA: Table for 7 Please

So IKEA is offering free kids meals this week.  I love going to IKEA so I accept any excuse to go.  However, I framed it as a learning experience for the kids.  IKEA has several room layouts for very compact living.  They have apartments set up that are less than 600 sq ft with all the necessities often lofting the bed.  One extreme display ... Read More »

The Negotiations

The kids all got Christmas money from their Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.  I’m not sure who spearheaded it but someone suggested they pool their money and get a new XBox 360.  Some of the kids (the boys) were on board while others (Lexi) were not.  So for the last three days the negotiations have been going on.  Joey has been ... Read More »

48 hour Christmas Bonanza

Well we survived the 48 hour Christmas bonanza.  Started Christmas Eve with a whirlwind cleaning of the house, some skating on the pond, Christmas Eve service at church, the in-laws came around 5:00, had dinner, opened gifts, ate pie, made sure everything was ready for Santa.  Christmas morning we opened gifts, played with gifts, messied up the house, cleaned up the house, my ... Read More »

Merry Christmas!

The kids are all home today (day 1 of 11) and I think we’re ready for Christmas.  We will have the in-laws over Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day.  It’s nice having it here because the kids are used to it and know the routine.  It’s less stress for them (and me).  The gifts are wrapped and ready to ... Read More »

Done-in by the Name Tag

“Whose kid is that making faces in the front row of the Christmas Program? Seriously, parents are so permissive these days kids just get away with everything.” That’s what I wanted to whisper to the mom next to me during the small Christmas Program for the 3,4,and 5 year olds at the Wed night program at church.  The only problem ... Read More »