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Throwback Thursday Parenting: Room Cleaning 101

Throwback Thursday Parenting: Room Cleaning 101

Back in the day, all parents had to do was yell “Clean up your room or I’m going to throw everything away!” then, when their sweet child refused to comply, march into their room with a big black Hefty bag and toss everything that was on the floor. Parents usually only had to do this exercise once before the kid ... Read More »

Praised for Dirt

Went to Home Depot today with the girls to get my 5 for $10 mulch (brown of course) and more play sand for the sand box. When we got home I unloaded the bags and hauled them down to the backyard where the girls were anxiously awaiting the new sand. I opened the first bag and the girls were unusually ecstatic, “Thanks mom ... Read More »

Preschool Show-and-Tell Gone Wrong

On the way home from preschool Callie said that “Emma” brought in her dog for sharing (show-and-tell). I questioned her a little more becasue I didn’t think they allowed real pets at school. “No, not her real dog, just the bones.” Callie explained. “What?” “Yeah, the skeleton.” “She brought in the skeleton of her dog?” I questioned. “Yes.” I had to ... Read More »

Conflict Resolution x8

With eight people in our family you can imagine every once in awhile there may be a disagreement: “Oh Lexi, I was hoping to help mom with the laundry today.” “No, Johnny, I want to help mom!” OK, that conflict has never happened in our house but you know what I mean. The combinations of head-to-head “discussions” is some kind ... Read More »

Supervised vs. Independant Activities

As your child grows you tend to allow them to try more and more things on their own and gradually allow them more independent play time vs always being supervised. For example coloring at the table had to be supervised for your two-year-old but by the time they are five they can probably handle it without also coloring the table, booster ... Read More »

Letters to Nana

A couple weeks ago my folks took their annual trip down south somewhere warmer for a week. While they were gone the little girls wanted to send Nana and Papa some letters. So for a few days in a row they colored their hearts out and printed all the word combinations they know and we sent off a bunch of ... Read More »

Hippos and Jesus

I swear I don’t make this stuff up…we are eating lunch and talking about the Little People Zoo. The one that has an animal representing each letter of the alphabet. (For those of you who have this, what the heck kind of ram/goat starts with the letter “U”, Cassie showed me and sure enough it looks like a ram but ... Read More »

Ammendment to Our Wedding Vows

“For better or worse, in sickness and in health…” yeah, yeah, yeah, those are all good vows but what about “In remodeling and repairs.”? Have you ever had a major (or minor) home remodeling project? I remember when we put on our addition years ago.  I went to look at windows and the window rep told me, “Half of the couples ... Read More »

Who Do You Think Won?

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11 Kids with Snowballs

Yesterday it sounded like a good idea to take everyone outside to get some fresh air, run off some steam, not have to worry about anything getting broken…In addition to the 3 extra kids I was babysitting, Joey had two of his friends over bringing the grand total to 11 people I was supposed to be keeping alive (although Joey ... Read More »