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Guests for Morning Cartoons

There were a few “friends” that joined Cassie and Callie this morning to watch TV…and they all agreed on the same show (even Piglet). -Cindy Read More »

The 22 Kindergarten Options

We had the Kindergarten Storytime at our school today.  The girls will be starting kindergarten in the fall which is hard to believe.  So they invite all the kids to the school for storytime and the principal gives his speil about the different kindergarten programs and how they are all great.  There really are too many choices.  Half-day or full-day?  English, Chinese or Spanish?  What ... Read More »

Ready to Go, Except for…

Here were the directions, “Go put your swim suits on and put your clothes over top, we’re going swimming.” (We go swimming every week so the routine is nothing new.) Here’s what the girls did: 1. Started stuffing their back packs and lunch boxes with all their worldly possessions. 2.  One twin got her suit on, the other did not ... Read More »

Pressing Questions of an 8-year-old Girl

Here’s how the conversation went on the way back from dropping off Joey at soccer.  It was just Lexi, my 8-year-old, and me. Lexi: “Mom, can I get extensions for my hair?  My friend at school has extensions and they are so cool.” Me:  “Well, I don’t know.” Lexi: “Do you know how to do extensions?” Me: “No, I’ve never ... Read More »

Fun Photo Friday

    Question?  Should I let the girls both take their nap in Lexi’s room together or will they just goof off ?   Answer:  They will find a small hole in Bunny Bunny’s head, make it bigger and remove most of her stuffing. Solution:  C’mon!  This is child 5 and 6 have you learned nothing!  Fix Bunny Bunny before Lexi ... Read More »

To Celebrate a Greate Civil Rights Leader we go Bowling

Today is MLK Day and every year to celebrate we go bowling.  There is nothing to read into it, no lifelong lessons connected between bowling and dreaming big dreams, no metaphors between equality, peaceful resolutions and throwing a round ball with holes in it at a bunch of pins.  It’s just become one of our traditions.  It started a few ... Read More »