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While you Wait Wednesday: Prepared for Disappointment

Some of you have had so many months of disappointment you almost count on it.  Should you get your hopes up each month or should you just assume you won’t get pregnant and be surprised if you do?  I think you need to have a positive attitude.  A positive outlook.  I think you need to believe it will happen next ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker

If your dream family includes two or three kids (or more) but you are struggling to have your first baby, do you sometimes worry about how that will happen?  Or do you think you will find out what’s “wrong” and your next pregnancies will be easier? -Cindy Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

Recently I read a post that asked “How long do I have to wait to try to get pregnant after I had a miscarriage?”  You have to consider both your physical and emotional readiness but this article helps: Medically, it is safe to conceive after two or three normal menstrual periods if tests or treatments for the cause of the miscarriage are not being ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

For this Wednesday, journal about something you’ve had to wait for in the past.  A college acceptance letter?  A job?  Meeting the right spouse?  How does waiting to get pregnant/bring home a child differ from that experience?  How are they the same?  What did you do to get through your waiting before?  Would that help now? -Cindy Read More »