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Resolve to Know More…101 Ways to Have a Baby

Resolve to Know More…101 Ways to Have a Baby

“This is our oldest son, Joey, I gave birth to him…” I begin to introduce my children to the curious lady at the check-out lane.  She furrows her eyebrows as if this is an oxymoron.  “This is Josh and Johnny, they joined our family through adoption.  They were born in Ukraine, they’re the same age but not biological brothers.  We brought them ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: Unexplained Infertility

I almost think Unexplained Infertility would be the hardest to deal with. How do you make a plan for something that you don’t know what the problem is? How do you know how to use your resources, what treatments to pursue if you have no answers? According to a RESOLVE article, “Approximately one in five couples will experience unexplained infertility ... Read More »

NIAW Week: “Don’t Ignore…”

DON’T ignore the tick, don’t ignore the tock, don’t ignore the reality of a biological clock.  Get the facts and plan ahead.  According to ivf.com: “As a woman’s age increases, her ability to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term decreases due to the many biological changes taking place in her body. From age 30 to 35, the chances of ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “When the Cradle is Empty” Chap. 4

In the book “When the Cradle is Empty” by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter, Chapter 4 is titled “How Can You Cope While You Hope?”  They list 8 strategies to help deal with infertility: 1.  Nourish relationships with those who understand 2.  Find or form a support group (www.resolve.org, www.bethany.org/step, www.hannah.org) 3.  Get online support 4.  Spend time with energizers ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: How many Babies are we Talking About

I like numbers.  I like to be able to calculate odds and help predict outcomes (I also have control issues!)  When my sons’ were born premature I wanted to know how worried I should be based on the different diagnosis’ they received.  I wished there was a universal worry scale like the pain scale they use at the hospital, the one ... Read More »

When there’s Nothing to Say

I have been following some of the forums on the RESOLVE website and the stories I read are heartbreaking.  I want to tell them “Hang in there” but how empty is that?  I want to advise them to be patient and be ready to try the next intervention (IUI, IVF, DE), but that is just a game plan.  What I ... Read More »


Joining an online forum is a really helpful outlet for anyone going through infertility or considering adoption.  There were so many questions I had going through the process and I wish I had been able to go online and just ask my questions.  Anything from practical tips to discussing how to get through the next two weeks.  You can use ... Read More »

Coping with the Holidays

Before your next holiday gathering jot down 5 questions you think people may ask (and maybe who is most likely to ask them) and have some set answers ready to go.  So when Aunt Millie watches all the nephews and nieces running around and asks, “So, when are you two gonna add some kiddos to this mix?” you can decide if ... Read More »

Where to start?

After announcing to family and friends about my new blogs I was overwhelmed by the responses from people.  Some shared best wishes, many knew someone who was dealing with these issues now and a couple shared that they themselves have dealt with this in the past and I was unaware of it.  Redbook magazine is currently running a campaign called “The Truth in Trying” ... Read More »