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While you Wait Wednesdays: Assignment 1

What if there was only one day a week you were allowed to take pregnancy tests?  Wednesdays for example.  What if people can only find out if they are pregnant on Wednesdays?  Same for adoption calls.  Birth mothers can only choose waiting parents on Wednesdays and the adoption counselors can only call on Wednesdays to let you know the picture of ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: Managing the 2WW

Here is an article about managing the 2ww(2-week wait).  There are some very practical ways to help you through, either waiting after IVF or a natural cycle: “Managing the Waiting Period, Stress and Anxiety During the two-week pregnancy outcome waiting period” -Cindy Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: Write a Letter

Have you ever written a letter to your future child?  Have you told her/him how hard you are trying to bring them into the world?  How heartbreaking it is to wait?  Sometimes writing a letter like this can help release some of the feelings you have kept inside.  It also can be a wonderful keepsake for you to read with ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: When I Feel Anxious…

Today, journal five ideas of things you can do, or think, to get your mind off the waiting.  So as soon as you catch yourself feeling anxious you can___________.  (Call a friend, call your spouse, make a snack, read a magazine, read something funny, set a future 10 min window to worry/problem solve).  Keep your list nearby and use it whenever you need ... Read More »

The Truth about Tryin Tuesday: Infertility Acronyms

Here is a link to all the infertility acronyms.  I had no idea there were so many!  Some of the most common: http://www.resolve.org/support-and-services/Managing-Infertility-Stress/infertility-acronyms.html 2ww = 2 week wait AF = Aunt Flow, menstruation AI = Artificial Insemination ART = Assisted Reproductive Technology BFN = Big Fat Negative (Not Pregnant) DE = Donor Eggs DH = Dear Husband DW = Dear ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays: Which Spouse is More Patient?

Does the waiting phase of infertility drive you and your spouse batty?  Do you feel like your husband just isn’t as invested as you are?  Does your wife seem consumed with every detail about having a baby?  Are the roles reversed?  Are you in such a hurry to become a mom/dad but your spouse casually says, “It will happen some ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

If you are in the waiting stage today, take a moment to journal the top three triggers that make you think about your infertility.  Is it seeing another pregnant woman?  Is it feeling a cramp in your tummy when you are waiting to see if you’re pregnant?  Is it simply looking at a calendar, with everything revolving around your ovulation?  ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

Here are some helpful ideas from a Fertility Clinic on how to get through the TWW (two week wait)! Tips to help you stay sane while waiting for your pregnancy test results Try to focus on the first and most important advice: Once your insemination or embryo transfer has taken place, there is nothing that you can or cannot do to influence the outcome.  ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

This Wednesday journal about your biggest fear (expand on “I fear I will never have a baby.”)  Sometimes if we write out our fears it takes a little punch out of them.  You may be able to work through some feelings or fears that are unwarranted.  I was fearful about adoption but the more I learned about it, the more I looked ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesdays

This weekend I heard about a couple who is now expecting in November after a two-year struggle with infertility.  I stopped to think about how long that is.  That’s 24 months of disappointments!  How many of us would get turned down from a job 24 times?  Or ask someone out 24 times?  24 rejection letters?  That’s a lot!  Some of you ... Read More »