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Upcoming Events Fall 2015

6-week Classes beginning September 14, 2015, 9:15-11:15am, Minnetonka Community Ed Center Sharpies and Shakespeare: An Art Class and Book Club in One! Instructor: Cindy Rasmussen A fun, relaxing art and literature class for adults through Minnetonka Community Ed.   September 14, 2015, 7:00-8:30pm, Oak Knoll Church, Minnetonka Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild Speaker: Cindy Rasmussen First Things First:Elements for success. First ... Read More »

Write a Book in November

Write a Book in November

November is National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a full length novel (50,000 words) in 30 days. Have you ever thought about writing a book? Check out their website to find the guidelines and join in on the challenge. This is the first year I am going to give it a shot. What is your favorite kind of ... Read More »

“Wisdom, Wisdom,Get your Wisdom Here”

Can you imagine the vendors at a ball game, walking the aisles of the stadium, proclaiming not the dire need to purchase a Frosty Malt, but a hand-full of wisdom?  That is what it was like at the Write-to-Publish Conference I attended last week in Wheaton, Il. This was a four day conference for Christian Writers that provided classes, critiques, and one-on-one ... Read More »

Welcome to my New Website!

“What do you write about?”  people ask. “I write about becoming a mom and being a mom.” I answer.  I want to give hope and compassion to those who are struggling with infertility and loss, but I also want to provide light-hearted encouragement to those who are now moms.  I have decided to combine my two blogs (Barren to Bonkers! ... Read More »

Announcing my Book Project!

For the past two years I have been working on writing a book about how our family came together.  Recipe for a Family: A Handful of Preemies, a Couple of Orphans and the Baby Next Door is the inspirational true story of how we went from the multiple losses of miscarriage, stillbirth and the death of our three-week-old son to ... Read More »

I got on a Plane…

So last week I got on a plane, by myself, and flew to California with my dream in my carry-on (stuffed in there with a weeks worth of clothes, three pairs of shoes and not nearly enough hair care products for my long curly hair.) I went to a Writers Conference in the mountains near Santa Cruz. I had my ... Read More »